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    We spend millions annually on Information. This information is broken into:
  • Paid research from the top suppliers in the area/country we are focused on.
  • Events we attend all over the world, including the top property events like MIPIM.
  • We pay for all the education programs we can get our teams and senior management into.
  • We go 3 times a year to the countries we invest in to sit with our partners, and get a grounds view for ourselves.

    We Partner with only the best globally, but even before we commit to them we go through a phased approach of selecting them
  • We have a vetting system of them and their products as well as their partners and abilities. This is done face to face, not via online search like many other companies do.
  • We believe that good systems reduce risk, so after we reach a point where we know we can work with the people we go through the vetting of their systems, as well as how do their systems plug in with ours. When this is done and we are at the place where we can now buy properties we move to the next step
  • We then test their results by investing an amount that is within our managed risk portfolio and test results. Only the best make it through here, and many companies and people have not become partners because of this painstaking process. Investment is about managing risk, and we do this better than anyone else. It takes longer, but this element sets us apart and has been the defining point on our investors success in the past.

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IPS invests in First World Countries, by buying an asset class that generates a first world income to give you a secure portfolio hedge and growth protected by a first world mindset. Our residential portfolio builder program is a turnkey, arm- chair solution for creating passive income for investors. Starting in 2003, IPS has been helping people invest internationally with confidence. We were the first company to join AIPP (Association of International Property Pro- fessionals) and won AIPP best company in Africa.

About International Property Solutions

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Scott Picken


Scott Picken is the Founder and Chairman of International Property Solutions (IPS) and CEO and Senior Managing Partner of Wealth Migrate, both vehicles to help people invest safely in international property or real estate.

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